Why Hemp Paper?

Hemp Labels

So why do we use paper made from hemp? As you may (or may not) know, we print all our labels on hemp paper with help from our friends at @leapinlizardlabels for the sake of our environment and to promote the many uses of the hemp plant.

Hemp paper has a myriad of environmentally sustainable qualities. Firstly, paper made from hemp can be recycled 7-8 times, while tree-based paper can only be recycled 3 times. Further, this paper is naturally much brighter than tree-based paper, so the paper does not need to be chemically bleached. The tree-based paper uses chlorine bleaching, which releases a toxin called dioxin into the air. Paper created from hemp can be made with soy-based binders rather than chemical binders that release formaldehyde, a chemical harmful to the environment and to humans. Also, the plants themselves grow much more quickly and densely than trees: one acre of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 4 to 20 acres of trees in a twenty-year period.

On a grander scale, transitioning over to hemp paper will help reduce the damaging pollution and environmental effects of producing tree-based paper. These effects include deforestation, which wipes out entire species and ecosystems. Beyond that, trees are necessary to maintain appropriate levels of carbon dioxide in the air and keep pollution at bay. Further, switching to paper made from hemp eliminates much of the toxins released in creating tree-based paper, lessening the impact of pollution.

With that, two types of hemp paper are primarily made. Fiber paper is made from the plant’s long bast fibers, resulting in a thin and brittle product. Pulp paper is made from hemp stalk hurds. This type is softer and easier to produce, making it suitable for everyday purposes.

In summary, the benefits of utilizing hemp in paper production include:

  • Hemp is easier to process into paper than wood
  • Processing hemp into paper requires fewer (and less toxic) chemicals than processing wood paper
  • Paper created from hemp is more durable than wood paper.
  • Producing more paper with hemp will slow deforestation. Trees take many years to grow until they are cut for paper production, whereas hemp can be re-planted annually.

With all these benefits, the choice is easy! Go green! If you’re interested in learning more about our sustainability efforts, click here.

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