What is Wellness to You?

Wellness. We all hear the term, but what exactly does wellness mean? In my humble opinion, wellness means whatever we want it to mean. For some people, wellness is a prescription from a pharmaceutical company that has conducted research and is based on factors that we have been taught are legitimate and safe. For others, wellness means looking for holistic alternatives that are widely known to offer positive benefits to our way of life. We use holistic medications to help us fight off disease, to help increase our neurological functioning, and as a means to help us achieve our physical goals. Although there are other reasons not mentioned here, we have a choice about what we put into our bodies, and we all have different goals and reasons for doing so. Here at Jam’n Hemp Co., we base our decisions on our core values and beliefs in addition to what we research, find legitimate evidence to support the claim, and deem it safe. Although we believe in medical science and know that there are medications out there that people cannot live without, we are also open-minded individuals who believe in free thinking. We believe in finding options that others may not consider.

I have dedicated my life to research. I have my doctorate, and I’m considered an expert. Despite this, I still only know a little about such a big topic. Also, some people are first in their class, others are last in their class, and most of us fall somewhere in between. We only know what we know. We also don’t always know what we don’t know. As humans, we have misconceptions regardless if we’re doctors, lawyers, blue-collar, or white-collar workers. It doesn’t matter. As people with imperfections, we make mistakes or discredit knowledge that we have based on our core values and our core beliefs. Our society has a rich history and a teetering relationship with what we call “drugs,” and we know that some drugs have terrible side effects. Some of these drugs kill people. Addiction can be harmful and tear people’s worlds apart. And that is not what we are selling here at Jam’n despite the stigma surrounding us.

If you did enough research, you would realize that a lot of folks who are interested in CBD and psychotropics are interested in healing, not destroying their families, their lives, and their livelihoods. People are looking for an alternative, some because they don’t believe that pharmaceuticals work, some because the pharmaceuticals have extreme side effects, and others because they have a diagnosis that there’s no medication to treat. Our oldest has ADHD and is on the spectrum, and he struggles. He has a very extreme case of ADHD, and we’ve tried pharmaceuticals, and he became angry and borderline psychotic. We’ve tried all of the medications that his psychiatrist wanted us to try. But at what expense to our child? To the safety of our family? ADHD and autism are not pretty sometimes. So for us, when we have a problem, we research…a lot.

One of the things that we’re looking into currently is legal mushrooms like lion’s mane. There are cultures around the world that have been using mushrooms for thousands of years to treat various ailments, detoxify the body, and provide overall well-being. Currently, there is research looking into how mushrooms work to help support memory, focus, immune function, and energy, as well as even looking at how they may reduce anxiety and inflammation. Lion’s mane, for instance, is becoming one of the mushrooms that people are looking at using to help because of the benefits that mushrooms have provided for generations to other cultures. It is thought that a good mushroom supplement can improve memory and focus and protect against age-related cognitive decline, such as dementia. There’s research that indicates that certain mushrooms enhance immune system response, fight inflammation, help manage blood sugar, repair damaged nerve cells, and boost energy, stamina, and physical performance. Some mushrooms may even help fight fatigue and reduce irritability and anxiety.

It all boils down to our desire to feel better as humans and to be the best versions of ourselves. We are all looking for a better quality of life, for people to support, love, and care for us. And in this quest, we do things that we hope will make things easier and more manageable. In the wellness world, we are small but eager to keep finding solutions to problems that are not easily solved. We appreciate you joining in on our adventure and hope that you are able to find something that will help you create a better quality of life for yourself and, by extension, the people you love and value.

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