Today is Earth Day!

When we started to plan for this big adventure known as Jam’n Hemp co, we investigated other companies and how they sell and package their products. I knew that I did not agree to create a product line that put more plastic into the environment. I did not want to use packaging that is industry standard. As only Joey can do, he started researching manufacturing companies that used sustainable and reusable resources. In that search, we learned of Sana Packaging.

Sana Packaging is a USA-based company that uses reclaimed ocean plastic as the primary source of their bottles and tubes. We figured out how to use these tubes to fit our company’s needs by using them for our vape products. All our packaging is sustainable and may be used in other ways. One of our long-term goals is to have the packaging returned to us for use in different ways. We haven’t figured this out just yet but be on the lookout for a way to return used bottles and vape tubes. In addition to Sana Packaging, we used hemp zipper bags for our disposable vape that would not fit in the tubes. These little bags are cute and can be used repeatedly for coins or to discretely carry around that disposable vape you purchased!

In addition to these items, we attempted to use no-issue compostable bags for shipping, but we quickly learned that although it is freaking awesome that they are compostable, they do not tend to hold up to the stress of going through the USPS. We are currently reusing boxes and trying to find recyclable kraft boxes to use that are reusable and recyclable.

If you have any other insights into how we may do our part in preserving the beauty that is Mother Earth, please do not hesitate to comment below and let us know your ideas.

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