The Great Debate

The Great Debate

The great debate this time of year is Thanksgiving or Christmas and when you should really begin to celebrate. Some people think that Christmas begins the day after Halloween; others think that Christmas begins after Thanksgiving. I know a lot of us, at some point, get really excited about Black Friday and saving money. If you’re Leah, my brother’s partner in life, Christmas starts November 1st, and you make some time on Thanksgiving to give thanks, and then you resume your Christmas traditions. If you are Hallmark, Christmas begins as soon as you know your ratings will increase.

Taking it back to the great debate, there are so many reasons why people do what they do or believe the way they believe. No matter if it is a family tradition, religious beliefs, or some other reason, people seem to have strong beliefs about what these two holidays mean to them in the US and all over the world and when you should realistically begin celebrating. For some people, fall is an actual season (not in Florida!), and they want to pay tribute to the changing seasons. They sincerely believe that Christmas moving in too quickly takes away from this natural occurring event. Others want Christmas lights up all year. Another debate is when does Christmas end? For some, it may be January 1st. For others, it may be that you can see the lights strung across the outside of their home all year. I question, is this because Christmas is all year, or because some folks, like Joey, are unmotivated to remove the lights year in and year out because, like making your bed every morning, you’re just going to use it again in a few months.

Personally, I think that anything that brings you joy is appropriate if you are not hurting others with your behavior. And to be honest, after you pop that gummy or inhale that vape, you won’t care what others think about you or your choices anyway! So go ahead and treat yourself!! Have that edible, hit that vape, avoid the egg nog hangover, don’t be the embarrassing member at the Thanksgiving dinner drinking too much wine, dance to that Christmas music in July, and say thanks every day for everything, especially those vapes that helps you tolerate another holiday season! 🦃 🎄


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