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Our premium Delta-8 vegan gummies are made with all-natural ingredients, containing no artificial flavors, coloring, or preservatives, and infused with top-of-the-line Delta-8 distillate. Our gummies are delicious in taste and soothing to the soul. 

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Recommended Use: For our delta-8 gummies, eat half of a gummy, wait one hour, and adjust the dose as needed.


Watermelon: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Pectin, Organic Watermelon Concentrate, Hemp Derived ∆8 THC concentrate, Organic Color (From Spirulina), Citric Acid

Mixed Berry: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup, Pectin, Organic Berry Concentrate, Hemp Derived ∆8 THC concentrate, Organic Color (From Cherries), Citric Acid

Delta-8 THC: Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as delta-8 THC, is a psychoactive substance found in the Cannabis sativa plant, of which marijuana and hemp are two varieties. The cannabis plant naturally produces over 100 cannabinoids. One of which is Delta-8 THC. Despite this, the cannabis plant doesn’t produce it in significant amounts. As a result, manufacturers typically concentrate large amounts of delta-8 THC from hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD).

Delta-8 THC is a psychoactive compound that’s pretty similar to delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC is a compound in the cannabis plant that produces a high. It’s what people are usually referring to when they talk about THC. Though delta-8 is similar to delta-9 THC, it has a slightly different chemical structure that makes it less potent. For people who don’t want to experience a pronounced “high,” the lower potency may be a benefit. If you’re looking for a federally legal alternative to delta-8 gummies that will not give you a “high,” you may want to consider trying CBD. If you are looking for recommendations, feel free to check out our CBD products here.

Precautions: Do not drive or operate any machinery while using this product. Consult a doctor before using this product.

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20 gummies

mg Per Container

500 mg Delta-8

mg Each

25 mg Delta-8 per gummy


Blue Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Passion Fruit, Watermelon

19 reviews for Delta-8 Gummies

  1. Susan R Smith

    The best decision of my life! Have you tried Delta 8 Gummies? I started taking these in passion fruit over a year ago. I was out of work for medical reasons, both mental and physical. I started having high blood pressure too. The medications were not working and I wanted a healthier life with out all the side effects. I am so glad I tried this I now take 1-2 a day and have started exercising. I have nothing but rave reviews for this company and their products. Thank you!!

  2. sharon fetherson

    Wow! These are delicious and best on the market!

  3. Brooke


  4. Linda

    I got the mixed berry gummies. They taste great and work just as advertised!

  5. Rob W.

    The blue raspberry gummies are !

  6. Leslie C.

    Finally found what I was looking for!

  7. Stephen

    The blue raspberry and mixed berry gummies are legit. Definitely will be purchasing more!

  8. Teresa M.

    Love these gummies! I take a half of one in the afternoon and feel great!

  9. Stacy

    These are my new go to. Mixed berry for the win!

  10. BJ V (verified owner)

    These are top notch!!! Just purchased the passion fruit and they are AMAZING!!! Phenomenal product!!!

  11. Zendil

    These are by far the most potent, and the best tasting gummys iv ever had!!!

  12. Brittany

    Best vegan gummies I’ve had!

  13. Cheyene

    The watermelon is so delicious & juicy. The mg is perfect! Great for relaxation & a stress reliever. Worth trying!!

  14. Mark

    Watermelon gummies for the win! These D8 vegan gummies just hit different!

  15. Patricia

    These taste great and are extremely effective!

  16. Mary (verified owner)

    Just ordered 2 more jars of the mixed berry. Love them!

  17. Tim B.

    These are the best d8 gummies I’ve had!

  18. Debbie

    The Best out there.They are soft and good. I always buy from them they are honest and get your order quick.

  19. Kelly

    These are my favorite!

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