My (Abbreviated) Love Story With Hemp

My name is Joey, and I am the co-founder and chief operating officer here at Jam’n Hemp Co. and love all things hemp! I began this journey in 2018 when we first heard about the potential benefits of CBD. Since then, I have conducted countless hours of research and education regarding all things hemp. Initially, I was a reseller of hemp products, but only locally here in Jacksonville, under the name Hemp Harvest CBD. Since then, we have shifted gears to incorporate Jam’n Hemp Co., create our own product line, and have been going strong for a little over a year now!

Along my journey, I got my master’s in Prevention Science from the University of Oklahoma, with an emphasis on the neuroscience behind cannabinoids and our endocannabinoid system (essentially how CBD, CBG, THC, and other cannabinoids work in our body). This venture was obviously necessary since my wife wouldn’t let me give it to anyone in our family until I could educate her on it, LOL. Before that, I got my undergraduate degree in finance and was in the mortgage industry for about a decade. Fast forward to the present day, and I’m now starting my 3rd year studying plant health management at the Ohio State University with an emphasis on hemp and the agricultural component of this marvelous plant. I’m also exploring the sustainability mechanisms of hemp and its potential use in regenerative agriculture, such as carbon sequestration, crop rotation, and soil fertility. Our family’s passion for sustainability is also why we use reclaimed ocean plastic for our containers, and all our labels are printed on unlaminated hemp paper to lessen our environmental impact. We live in a coastal city and see so much destruction on our beaches from single-use plastic, so we try to offset that as much as we can.

Naturally, I shared our story, and people began asking for advice and options to try hemp-derived products. As a result, this is how our business was organically formed, and our mission is simple: We aim to share our knowledge with others looking for the same relief as we were, all while destigmatizing responsible cannabis along the way.

Stay tuned for new chapters of my love story with hemp as it is written in real-time…

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